Crowdsource meeting agendas to quickly see where you're aligned (or not) and skip ahead to great conversations. No more meetings that talk in circles.

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“Umeo is the best communication tool we’ve found for our leadership team and board. It made us more focused, thoughtful, and collaborative in our conversations. Most importantly, we arrived at clear next steps and decisions more quickly thanks to the tool.”


- Barrett Brooks, former COO, ConvertKit

What does this mean for you?

More free time

Pre-meeting conversations in Umeo are so good, you might cancel the meeting. Teams are taking back 8+ hours a week per person.

Less burnout

Async work in Umeo breaks up back-to-back meetings and frees you up for deep work. Quit jumping between calls and chat threads.

People feel heard

When people feel out of the loop, more meetings won't help. More inclusive meetings will. Umeo makes space for every voice.

Take your time back

Are you seriously going to multitask through one more bad meeting?

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