You spend hours every month writing long, sugar-coated investor updates and board decks that nobody reads. Instead of spending all your time on long status updates, ask your investors for help. You'll feel 10x more confident with the right feedback loops.

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“I love Umeo. It's been a gamechanger for investor updates. I am getting way more engagement and feedback. I'm also seeing investors bounce ideas off each other given how collaborative Umeo is. As a first-time founder, you shouldn’t try to do this all alone.”


- Jenny Qian, CEO, Newness

100+ investors are giving feedback in Umeo. Are yours?

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Your investors are experts you paid to help you. Get them working as a team to unlock all that experience and advice.

Fundraise with less stress

Startups with healthy founder-investor communication raise bigger rounds, faster, with better terms.

Fill key roles

Your first hires are the hardest and most important. Cast a wider net when your investor team helps you recruit.


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