Think outside the chatbox

We're building a whole new way to think and work together, even when we're apart. Give your teamwork the space it deserves. Come join us.

Are you a recent startup founder?
Umeo for Founders + Investors

Teams work better in Umeo

Unlike other workplace collaboration tools, Umeo is designed from the ground up to include a broader range of people in every conversation. Diverse, inclusive teams innovate faster and get more done.

When it's easy to participate, more people do

In Umeo, feedback goes way beyond just typing words. Feel excited or uneasy? Say so with one click. Short on time? Boost someone else's idea. All these quick reactions add up. Just skim a document to see where your team is aligned (or not).

Wake up from channel fatigue

Umeo limits distractions so activity isn't overwhelming. Every conversation has an end date, so your inbox never piles up. Daily digests help you discover new conversations as they happen–join the ones you need, and confidently ignore the rest.

Finally, hear from the quiet people in the back

Have you tried piling 10, 20, or 100 people into the same Google Doc, Slack chat, or Zoom call for open conversation? It's impossible to follow along, let alone hear from everyone. The loudest voices win. What a terrible way for teams to work. Umeo's layout invites your whole team to contribute. No more squeezing your thoughts into tiny sticky notes in the margins. No more dismissing people's comments as a way to "resolve" them. No more chasing down runaway comment threads.

Broken meetings? Try adding more people

Umeo is the app where conversations get better, not worse, when more people participate. Include your whole team, and let the ideas fly.

Are you a recent startup founder?
Umeo for Founders + Investors

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